The Estates

The Wine Caverns proudly represents wines from states in the united kingdom such as Silverhand Estate in North Kent and Kingscote estate East Grinstead. The Wine caverns is also home to a wide variety of wines form Provence in the South of France. Learn more about all of the estates and wines at The Wine Caverns here.
Silverhand Estate

The Silverhand estate stretches across the beautiful Kent countryside and the production of a wide range of wines, from still to sparkling, red, white and rosé, has begun. The passion for the craft is evident in the exceptional wines produced at the estate. The estate's philosophy is based on biodynamic principles which are used to nurture the land and care for our vines; the focus on sustainability is truly present at Silverhand.Our dedicated and hard-working conservation team works across the estate to ensure that flora and fauna thrive in harmony with our vines.

Kingscote Estate

Our wines perfectly reflect the taste of Sussex and several award-winning wines have been produced on site over the years. Our magnificent estate of around 65 hectares is home to an abundance of wildlife in a stunning landscape.
In our rolling hills you'll encounter the historic Bluebell steam train, fishing lakes, a meandering river, organic apple orchards and over five miles of natural woodland walks!


Our vision is to offer the best wines in England. All our grapes are grown in our vineyards in Essex. As we are passionate about sustainability, our vineyards are carefully managed. We employ innovative techniques that minimise our impact on the environment. We compost organic water, harvest rainwater and heat our sites using natural springs and ground source heat pumps. Not only revolutionary in our attitude, we have learned from our history by building for the future, we plan to revolutionise the English wine industry for the better.we are Harlot!

Château de Berne

In the hinterland of Provence, in the middle of 1000 hectares of nature, a path through the forest and olive groves leads you to Château de Berne, a 5-star Relais et Châteaux.
The Château de Berne wine estate produces red, rosé and white Côtes de Provence, recognised as some of the finest in the region. Discover the mysteries of our terroir, which has been converted to organic farming, and our innovative facilities.

Ultimate Provence

With its avant-garde concept combining an exceptional wine estate and a chic, contemporary boutique hotel designed by Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet, Ultimate Provence is one of those places that leave no one indifferent.
Set in a wild, mineral environment, in the heart of France's largest nature reserve, the UP terroir covers 46 hectares of vines, all AOP Côtes de Provence certified organic.

Château Saint-Roux

A true exception in the Côtes-de-Provence AOC region, the approach taken by Château Saint-Roux is now held up as an example in the region. Discover a collection that includes an estate wine and branded rosé, red and white wines, each with its own distinct character, and all with the organic label.

Château des Bertrands

In the Var hinterland, in the commune of Le Cannet-des-Maures, discover Château des Bertrands in the heart of the Plaine des Maures Natura 2000 nature reserve.
Château des Bertrands extends over an 80-hectare vineyard that is currently being converted to organic farming. This historic jewel of the Côtes de Provence offers wines of great character, thanks above all to an original geology and the patient work of its people. To take full advantage of this natural environment and live at the gentle pace of Provence, explore this wine estate in the Var, and its Bastide in the heart of the vineyards.