Three Stunning and Simple Ways To Cook With Rosé Wine

Three Stunning and Simple Ways To Cook With Rosé Wine

Three Stunning and Simple Ways To Cook With Rosé Wine

We’ve all heard of white and red wine sauces, or adding a splash of wine to a dish while it’s cooking, but we’re here to level up your chef game with an unexpected twist – rosé wine. Light rosé wines can seriously elevate your meal, here’s our whistle stop guide on how to cook with pink wine.

Blushing pink marinades

Choose a light rosé wine, and mix with olive oil, mustard, lime, honey, salt & pepper, tarragon and garlic. This is the perfect marinade base for white meats and fish before grilling. Make sure to sip on a glass while cooking to really get your creative juices flowing, and have an extra bottle (or three) in the fridge to serve alongside your masterpiece.

My top pick for marinades and pairing with grilled meats? The light and aromatic Chateau de Berne, Inspiration Rosé.

Steaming Shellfish

To me, there is nothing better than a whopping great portion of moules frites enjoyed with glass of chilled wine. Swap out the standard white wine for a floral rosé to take your meal to the next level.

Add a large glass of rosé to a pan of clams, prawns or mussels with your favourite herbs and some fresh garlic. Simmer for a few minutes and you’ll have – and I promise you on this – the most elegant and flavoursome sauce, and the most fragrant and floral dish you’ve ever had.

Who is shellfish’s partner in crime? A wine that perfectly captures the essence of the Mediterranean - Chateau de Berne Esprit Rosé.

Pretty in Pink Puddings

There are so many options here. Swap out red wine for rosé to poach pears, swap out champagne and make rosé jelly, or make a raspberry and rosé sorbet – the list goes on…but my personal favourite is a simple granita. This is an absolute summer must have, it’s cool, refreshing, light, and most importantly delicious.

To make a granita simply freeze rosé in a tupperware and grate it just before serving. Squeeze a little lime over the top for balance, and serve with summer fruits and a glass of pink.

My top pick for puddings? It’s complex, floral, and has a few spicy notes - Ultimate Provence Cotes de Provence Rosé.


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