The Rise And Benefits Of Bag In Box Wine

The Rise And Benefits Of Bag In Box Wine

We’ve seen a huge rise in popularity of the humble boxed wine, but some people just aren’t convinced. Here’s why you should turn from bottle to bag this year.

The Level Up in Quality

Let’s get real here – our younger student selves are no stranger to bag in box wine (BIBs). Back then we were all about getting bang for our buck, and boxed wine was just the perfect choice, but the quality?! Well I won’t remind you of the mornings after…

Nowadays there are some seriously top producers choosing to box their wine. So the first thing you need to do is open your mind to the fact that boxed wine can be just as delicious as its bottle counterpart.

The Wine Will Last for a Month Once Opened

We know the benefits of letting your wine breathe, but wine’s PIC oxygen can be a cruel mistress, and will turn your wine to vinegar if they're in each other’s company for too long!

BIBs have bags that collapse when poured, and special taps that won’t allow oxygen to pass through, so your wine will stay fresh for a month - if you can make it last that long!

Portion Control

We’re all guilty of quaffing a whole bottle on occasion, especially when it’s bed time but there’s a glass and a half left in the bottle. Your biggest fear – letting your wine go off – is taken away with BIBs. Now you can have a glass whenever you fancy one, without having to go overboard.

A Chef’s Dream

All kinds of wine can be used in cooking, yes even rosé – check out our guide on how to cook with rosé here. If you don’t want to open a bottle because you're having a night off, but need to add a splash to a sauce or risotto then a BIB is your best friend.

The Sustainability Factor

If you’re trying to shop sustainable and reduce your carbon footprint then go BIB! They take less energy to make, they travel more compactly, use around 25% less packaging then bottles do, and nowadays they’re 100% recyclable. Not to mention there’s no wine wasted. Do your bit and shop BIB.

You Really Are Getting A Bargain

With 25% less packaging needed AND cheaper packaging, more of your money is going towards drinking what you love. 

If you’re looking for premium BIB wine then try this one out for size. 3L of top notch rosé from Provence, bagged - Chateau de Berne 3L Bag In Box Rosé.


The Wine Caverns Team


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